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Awesome JOB!!, I'm starting at game development, was glad to buy this and support you, also helps me to see how sprites are made, thanks a lot for this, Huge Dota 2 fan, Hug from Bolivia!! (love that win emote! keep it up)


Can you please send me the Body parts, I want to try and create a couple of variations, thanks

You got my sincerest thanks!

<font>The body parts are already included in the "Body Parts"  directory</font>

If you meant the file where I've drawn everything that as well is included. You can find it in the "Source" Directory

<font>You'll need one of the programs below to open the source file and modify it to your needs.</font>

  • <font>Adobe Illustrator to open CS6 and CC</font>
  • Inkscape to open SVG
  • Any Vector Drawing tool to open EPS

Yes no problem I saw those after I wrote the text, thanks again, great job man, if I draw something I am proud of I will send it to you so you can give me feedback, regards


it's the Dota 2 juggernaut, right? can i have problem with copyright if i use it for commercial projects?

While this is my own artwork  and my own conceptional 2D design of the juggernaut you still might get copyright issues if used commercially.

i don't have the win emote,why?


you are right. Sorry for that. I had planned a win emote animation but later dropped that idea. Somehow I forgot to remove it from the product description. Anyways I added a win emote and a win emote idle animation. You can download the updated package now.


thankx, are u considering push and pull animation,just asking right now i'm using the kick animation to move the crates. thanx again

if you still need those two animations I'll add them tomorrow. I just found some free time - sorry for the delayed reply ;D 

,yes, thank you very much

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you can download the new asset package now.

Have fun :)